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Carpet Cleaning in Lafayette County

Finding a professional carpet cleaning company in Lafayette County that does not use harsh cleaning products on your carpets can be challenging. Nowadays, most carpet cleaning services use the same cleaning methods and formulas to remove dirt and stains on your carpet. But unfortunately, they use harsh and toxic chemicals that eventually damage your carpet fibers and paddings. At Zerorez®, we have our patented Powered Water™ that is safe, free of harsh chemicals, and environmentally friendly. We use this unique cleaning agent with our powerful extraction wand that extracts water and other impurities in the deepest layers of your carpet, leaving it without any residue.

Due to the residue left behind from the harsh cleaning products used by your previous carpet cleaning company, your carpet will act as a dirt magnet that attracts grime. It will then get dirtier much faster in a short time. But with the science behind our Zr Process™, your carpets and even area rugs can stay cleaner for longer because we guarantee Zero Residue™ on your carpet. It’s time to see insanely clean carpets™ with Zerorez® today!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Lafayette County, Florida

Zerorez®’s professional cleaning services are accessible to Mayo, Alton, Grady, Chancey, and the surrounding communities in Lafayette County, Florida. We serve homes and businesses that need effective cleaning services, such as tile and grout cleaning, biological treatment, mattress cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and many more. Our cleaning process does not involve toxic chemicals and detergents that can harm yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Give our eco-friendly cleaning services a try, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction and exceed your expectations!


What Lafayette County Is Saying About Zerorez®


Our carpet cleaning technician was awesome! He really knows his work and he promptly listened to my concerns then address every issue I mentioned. Thank you Zerorez! I was really very happy with my experience with them.

Tamara F.

It was not my first time with Zerorez, as I’ve been calling them for my carpet and upholstery cleaning. We’re always happy and satisfied with the results every single time! Their technicians are highly professional, kind, and courteous.

Kimmy M.

Zerorez has been my go-to cleaning company for several years now, and I’ve always been satisfied with their service. They are always thorough with their work and my carpets and grouts always look and feel clean and new. I love it!

Jen S.