Stone Cleaning Services

Cleaning stone surfaces, such as granite, travertine, and marble, with soap and detergent leaves an invisible residue film that promotes dirt buildup and discoloration — leaving your stone surfaces looking dull and dirty. At Zerorez® NCFL, we have a unique cleaning technology that effectively cleans stone surfaces without using soaps, detergents, and other toxic cleaning agents that affects the quality and appearance of stones.

Our Professional Cleaning Services





The Only Solution You Need for Your Stone Surfaces

The common stone surfaces manufacturers use for walls, floors, and countertops are usually granite, travertine, marble, and slate. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know the proper way of cleaning and maintaining their stone surfaces. At Zerorez® NCFL, we have our own cleaning process called Zr Process™. It involves using our enhanced water that’s chemical-free and eco-friendly, acting as our cleaning solution. It does not contain any soap or detergent to prevent leaving any residue that can make your stone surfaces look dull. We also utilize our FX7 cleaning tool to clean the tiniest cracks and crevices on stone surfaces.

Cutting-edge Stone Cleaning Services with Nano-technology Sealant

Sealing is a vital part of many hard surfaces, such as wood, glass, and stone, to prevent scratches and other signs of wear and tear. However, the quality of the sealant also matters. Our cleaning technicians apply our nano-technology sealant to protect your stone surfaces and make cleaning and maintenance much easier. 

Our stone cleaning services are performed by our qualified cleaning technicians, who have cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses in North Central Florida for many years. Schedule a service today to feel and see the Zerorez® Difference!

Say Goodbye to Invisible Residue Film with Our Stone Cleaning Services

Invisible film residue soaps and detergents leave can fade the natural shine and color of your stone surfaces. With our stone cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about residue because our cleaning agent does not contain chemicals, soap, or detergent. We guarantee zero residue and eco-friendly cleaning methods. Check your stone surfaces — it may be time to call our cleaning technicians to do the cleaning the right way for you!

Preserve the Quality of Your Stone Surfaces in Three Steps


If you’re tired of seeing stained, scratched, and unsightly stone surfaces in your home or business, give our stone cleaning services a try. You will have our cleaning technicians at your property in just three simple steps. 

Give Us a Call

Once you call us, we’ll gladly answer your questions and concerns to ease your doubts and worries.

Schedule a Service

Once you’ve decided, we will schedule you for a service at your desired time and date.

Sit Back and Relax

We will arrive at your property on time for your scheduled service to perform the actual cleaning service.

Chemical-free and Eco-friendly Stone Cleaning That’s Safe for Your Family and Pets

Cleaning stone surfaces is more complicated than many people think. Once dirt, stains, and harmful microorganisms accumulate on these surfaces, it’s better to call professionals instead of using different toxic chemicals and cleaning agents that can worsen the condition of your stone surfaces. Contact Zerorez® NCFL today for professional stone cleaning services, and experience a different level of clean!