Effective Way for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning methods may vary depending on the company performing them. So first, establish best practices you can follow to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. But why is it important to find the most effective way to clean, a business establishment?

That’s a good question because labor accounts for the highest cost for cleaning service providers. That said, it’s beneficial for your business to find the most effective way to clean a commercial establishment. In this article, we’ll share tips on effectively cleaning commercial spaces for your business.

Effective Ways To Do Commercial Cleaning And Boost Productivity

There are different cleaning methods, and every commercial cleaning service has its own. However, the best way should give you the highest profits in the least amount of time. Here are some of the most effective ways to increase your team’s productivity.

Use the latest tools and equipment

Most cleaning methods are monotonous, so investing in automated cleaning tools will reduce time and energy. Instead of wasting time and effort, you can delegate your staff to higher-value activities that benefit your company. Here are some examples of the tools you can invest in:

Invest in innovative cleaning products

There are countless janitorial products available in the market today. However, those who want to simplify the work understand how valuable innovative cleaning solutions are especially cleaning carpets. As a result, you can delegate human resources to the more arduous tasks. Here are some innovative tools and products to help you finish the job faster.

Provide Proper Training

Mistakes can happen and can often result in rework. However, if it becomes a recurring case, it’s time to give your staff the right janitorial training they need. As much as possible, choose formal janitorial training to ensure they use the cleaning industry’s best practices.

On the other hand, letting old employees teach new hires has its drawbacks because veterans could pass down outdated practices. Remember, your staff can only teach what they know. This example is one of the biggest disadvantages of in-house training.

Here are some examples of what inexperienced practices can lead to:

Establish Cleaning SOPs

Standard operating procedures are critical to ensure that every team member knows what to do. Once established, SOPs will prevent guesswork for your team, which can lead to increased productivity. Moreover, these are written procedures for all tasks operators must follow.
SOPs can benefit your staff by:
Well-written SOPs will increase your team’s productivity while reducing unnecessary mistakes. Likewise, it guarantees they follow the industry’s best practices.

The Bottom Line

Commercial cleaning has many variations; however, it’s best to adopt the industry’s best practices to ensure high productivity and profit. In addition, as labor costs account for the biggest expenses, keep them as low as possible. We address this issue by using automated tools, innovative cleaning products, and professional training. 

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