Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean With These Simple Tricks

Has your hardwood floor collected a lot of dirt, smudge, oil stains, and more? If so, can you still bring back its former gleam and spark?

Nothing enhances the beauty and warmth of a traditional or modern home like hardwood floors. One of the advantages of hardwood flooring is its lifespan and durability, but even these sturdy floors need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. They are susceptible to damage, harm, and scratches, especially in areas that see a lot of foot traffic. If regular cleaning is not done, particles can scrape and scuff the wood.

It’s easy to clean hardwood floors with the right wood floor cleaner. By following these hardwood floor cleaning tricks, you can have a floor looking spick-and-span in no time, whether you have an oak, maple, or cherry hardwood floor.

  1. Sweep regularly
    Sweeping your hardwood floors daily is a simple yet essential trick in maintaining it. Your home will be filled with tiny dust and debris that can easily harm your floor. To get the job done, invest in a good broom with sturdy, long bristles.
  1. Vacuum your floor at least weekly
    Dirt, soil, and grime accumulation are major challenges to hardwood floor cleaning. The goal is to keep trash off the floor because it feels like sandpaper on the soles of your shoes. Even small objects might not appear important, but they could wind up damaging the wood’s crevices. To prevent scratching, use a vacuum cleaner with a hardwood floor attachment to clean your floor at least once a week.
  1. Clean spills immediately
    Water, wine, and any other kinds of liquid spills will make the wood swell if left unattended. Buff and wipe the spillage off with a paper towel. You can also squirt your cleaning supplies onto a moist mop, then sweep the floor with it.
  1. Use TSP to remove oil stains
    Stubborn oil and grease stains on the floor can quickly disappear when exposed to trisodium phosphate (TSP).  Simply combine a small amount of TSP with warm water in a bucket, then work the solution onto the stain by dipping the tip of a clean cloth into the solution and wiping it in the stained area. Once the TSP has dissolved the oil and grease, quickly dry the area with a cloth or mop. If you’re unsure what type of solution suits your hardwood floor, we suggest getting a trusted cleaning service near you.
  1. Ice off any gum or sticky wax residue
    You can use ice to remove deep-penetrated dried candle wax, crayon smudges, chewing gum, and glue residue on the floor. Fill a freezer bag with a few ice cubes then let it sit for a few minutes on the surface to cool off these sticky residues. Gently scrape off the build-up with the edge of a plastic spatula. You can apply natural wood-friendly floor wax or solution cleaner to the scraped area using a soft cloth to bring back its natural color.
  1. Increase the level of protection for your floors
    You might see scuffs on your hardwood floors if you move furniture or wear shoes inside. We advise placing floor protectors on the legs of your chairs and other furniture to protect your flooring. We also recommend clipping your pet’s nails regularly to prevent floor scratches. Film coatings on your windows can also stop UV rays from deteriorating your floor.
  1. Repaint as needed
    Before your wooden floor begins to deteriorate, anticipate it and recoat your floor. This activity can give a layer of protection, extending the life of your floor for many years. The best option for refinishing your floor may depend on the requirements and type of wood floor you have.

What Kind of Hardwood Floor Do You Have?

Hardwood flooring can refer to anything from vintage heart pine boards to the most cutting-edge manufactured planks.  It’s important to know what kind of hardwood floor you have in order to know how to clean it properly.

Solid hardwood

These are made of oak, pine, or walnut nailed to the wooden subflooring. They are smoothed, stained, and sealed with wax or polyurethane finish. These hardwood floors can be refinished two or three times to give them a brand-new appearance when they start to look worn.

Engineered hardwood

They consist of a thin wood veneer adhered to a thick layer of premium plywood. The planks of this type of hardwood floor are laid as a “floating” floor, meaning that they are not fastened to the subflooring. They can last up to 25 years and are sealed with polyurethane.

Important Tips to Avoid Major Hardwood Floor Damage

Water is the hardwood floor’s worst enemy no matter its finish. A wood floor soaked with water, or even the flooring of a house located in an area with high humidity is prone to warping. It’s also important to protect your floor from any sharp objects to prevent permanent damage. Preventive maintenance is key to keeping your hardwood floor gleaming and shining.

  1. Avoid using an incorrect cleaning agent
    Remember to only use natural, organic, and safe cleaning solutions for your hardwood floors to prevent rust, blemishes, and discoloration.
  1. Take off your shoes inside your home
    You might assume that this only applies to carpeted floors, but the rocks and debris in your shoes have the potential to scratch your wood floors.
  1. Look after your pets
    Trim your dog’s nails to prevent the wood from being scratched by those paws. You should also be concerned about pet stains, poop, and pee.

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Get the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Florida

Whether your floor has seen a lot of foot traffic or dirt,  give your hardwood floor a deep cleaning up to the baseboards. The types of cleaning products and cleaning techniques play a pivotal role in maintaining your wood floors spotless. When you need assistance, our specialized home cleaning services handle every deep cleaning necessary to revive your hardwood floor’s shine. Contact us today for the best hardwood floor cleaning solutions.



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