Tips to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

You always make an effort to keep your things at home clean, and yet they will still get dirty at the end of the day. Your area rugs are not an exception to this.

Pets, spills, dust, dirt, and more can have an impact on the look and condition of your rugs or removable carpets. There comes a time when you require more than just using a vacuum cleaner to clean your piece of floorcloth. If stains build up and hard-to-remove grime settles in, then it’s time for thorough cleaning.

To prolong the lifespan of your floor coverings, here are some practical area rug cleaning tips.


7 Useful Area Rug Cleaning Tips for You

You should have a dependable cleaning routine as a good starting base for a number of considerations. To ensure you are doing the proper cleaning methods based on the size and fibers of your rugs, you might want to consult a
carpet and area rug cleaning expert.


We have seven useful tips that you can follow when cleaning your area rugs.

  1. Shake the dust off your rugs vigorously.
    Before you start the deep cleaning process, take your rug outside and shake it well to help clear off any debris stuck in the fibers. You will have noticed that after doing this, you’ve already eliminated a significant amount of loose dust and debris.
  1. Vacuum regularly.
    It’s important to use the vacuum cleaner regularly, especially if you’ve gotten rid of the majority of the loose particles. Systematic and routine vacuuming can help retain the sheen and luster and extend the lifespan of your area rugs.
  1. Clean any spills right away.
    You might need to use a powerful, color-safe stain remover for a stain you neglected or put off cleaning up when it first appeared. Rinse your area rug once you’ve removed the discoloration from both sides. Remember not to scrub the soiled areas too strongly because it can harm the fibers.
  1. Schedule deep cleaning.
    The best way to clean rugs is to use a mild carpet cleaner and a little warm water to brush off any stubborn dirt. Keep in mind that you need to deep clean your rug at least once a year. If your rug sees a lot of foot activity and you have kids or pets, a deep area rug cleaning is recommended.
  1. Dry the rug completely.
    Ensure your floor covering is completely dry on all sides after cleaning. Use the sun’s heat to ensure it is dry after pressing out any extra water to avoid the buildup of mold or mildew.
  1. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners.
    Using natural fiber-friendly cleaners and sprays will keep the appearance of your rugs, especially hand-woven rugs, protecting them from ruin. Some people who use chemical cleaners to clean their rugs end up ruining the fabric of their rugs. If ever you’re in doubt about the content of the cleaning products you plan to use, it’s better to consult a professional carpet and area rug cleaning specialist to make sure your rugs are in top condition.
  1. Take advantage of the sun’s heat. You can make use of sunlight to not only dry your rugs after cleaning them. Spreading your rugs out in the sunlight can also keep the bacteria and allergens away. The heat from the sun also helps the rug smell fresh after it dries.


Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional


No matter how well you clean and maintain your rugs by yourself, there will inevitably come a time when you’ll need the help of a professional, whether it’s for practical reasons, excessive discoloration, or a buildup of filth and grime. Whatever the reason, there are several benefits in hiring experts to clean your area rugs because they undoubtedly know how to thoroughly clean your area rugs, giving you extra time to relax.


Experience and expertise

Professional carpet cleaners know what to do to make your area rugs—regardless of the material, size, or condition—look clean and odor-free.


Extra equipment and solutions

Professional cleaners use professional-grade rug cleaning equipment and solutions that have repeatedly produced effective deep-clean results. They can handle almost everything, even the dirtiest rugs with the toughest stains.


Thorough cleaning

Nothing compares to a good professional steam cleaning when it comes to ensuring your rugs have been thoroughly cleaned. It can also provide you comfort knowing that you’ve taken steps to create a healthy home environment.


Your lifestyle might require it

There may be times when you lack the time to maintain the condition of your rugs, especially if you have work commitments. This is the same reason why some homeowners regularly hire a professional cleaner to perform routine carpet and area rug cleaning and maintenance.


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Keep Your Area Rugs in Top Condition

Cleaning an area rug may be too much for one person to manage. Get some aid with this task from a few other folks to save you time, effort, and trouble. Better yet,
hire a trusted carpet cleaning provider to clean your area rugs thoroughly. High-quality cleaning services offer specialized tools and cleaning solutions regardless of how big or delicate the rug material is.




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