Tips to Eliminate and Treat the Biological Odors

Tips to Treat and Eliminate Biological Odors

Do you smell something unpleasant or decomposing in your home? It could be a sign of a bigger problem if not addressed immediately. In such cases, you’re going to need a biological odor treatment specialist to make your home as fresh and clean as possible.

A nasty smell could indicate decomposition or mold growth, which can cause serious health issues for your family. In this article, we’ll teach you some important tips to eliminate these awful odors and make your home more inviting so let’s dive in. 

How to Remove Biological Odors Naturally

Organic matter is naturally subject to decomposition, which can result in a rotting smell. This can be very disturbing, and cleaning may require strong chemicals. Here are some tips on how you can treat biological odors using natural methods.

1. Make sure the area is well-ventilated

Natural ventilation can keep the flow of fresh air in the area, helping remove the bad smell. Start by opening doors and windows, and use fans to ensure the air is circulating properly. This will lessen the awful smell of decaying organic matter in the room until it is gone.

2. Clean the whole area

Oftentimes, you need to thoroughly clean the hardwood floor area to ensure every trace of the odor is gone. Here are a few things you need to do when cleaning biological odor in your home:

  • Use protective garments like gloves, face masks, goggles, or disposable aprons. 
  • Only use EPA-approved disinfectant products.
  • Always wipe the affected area from the outside to prevent decaying organic matter from spreading.

3. Use vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda and vinegar mixture effectively absorb the smell of biological odors in the room. Place the solution in a bowl anywhere in the room but make sure it’s out of reach of children and pets.

In addition, you can use white vinegar and water mixture to disinfect the room. Drench the area with the mixture, let it sit for a few minutes, and dry it with a rag. 

Tips for Eliminating Biological Odors Inside Your Home

Biological odors are the worst to deal with. Whether it’s sweat, urine, or feces, it’s an unpleasant situation for anyone. However, you need to deal with the situation as best as you can. If you want to do the cleaning, here are some treatment tips to help you get started. 

Human odor

If you’re dealing with sweat or other human odors, you can often get rid of them with household ingredients like detergents, baking soda, and air fresheners. Fragrances and essential oils can also be used to nullify the scent.

Pests or pet odors

Unless you’re dealing with odors from decomposing small animals like rodents, you’ll need a similar approach to treating skunk spray or pet urine. But remember, it is always best to use protective gear when cleaning decomposing organic matter. You can use over-the-counter disinfectants to clean and sanitize the area.

If you’re not sure about how to proceed with treating those nasty smells, make sure to contact a professional to avoid any untoward incident from happening. 

The Bottom Line

Biological odor treatment should be done properly to ensure the safety of the home and its inhabitants. However, do-it-yourself solutions are only suggested for simple cases. For a more permanent solution to the odor problem, seeking help from professional cleaning services is always the best course of action. 

Do you have biological odor problems in your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you make your home clean and inviting for your family and guests.



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