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North Central Florida’s Best Commercial Cleaning Services

Zerorez® is a cleaning company that specializes in carpet cleaning, offering affordable cleaning solutions to keep your work environment safe and clean. Using our Zr3 cleaning process and our own Zr Water®, we can provide the best clean possible for you, your employees, and your customers. Whether your business needs a long-term maintenance plan or a one-time carpet cleaning service, our certified technicians can take care of your commercial property through our gentle yet effective cleaning process. Keeping your working environment in its best condition is our priority, and we make it possible through our commercial cleaning services that can help enhance productivity and improve efficiency.

Post COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning

Zerorez® is equipped with the right tools and equipment to ensure the safety of your employees and businesses from COVID-19. Moreover, our cleaning technicians abide by the guidelines set by the government agencies to prevent  its further spread. 

We are platinum-rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute earned through our patented Zr Process™ that removes more debris from rugs and carpets than other carpet cleaning companies, guaranteeing the cleanliness and safety of your working environment.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for your commercial properties in North Central Florida. Our team is equipped with modern cleaning equipment and unique technology that makes our cleaning much more effective than traditional cleaning companies.

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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets and rugs require professional cleaning regularly to maintain their best shape and prolong their life expectancy. However, coffee spills, dirt, and other substances can damage your carpets in the long run, and frequent vacuuming and washing may not be enough to keep them properly maintained. At Zerorez®, we utilize the latest technology in our cleaning process, ensuring a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution for your business’s carpets.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Through our Zerorez® cleaning process, we can restore the beauty of your upholstery. We do not use harsh chemicals and cleaning products to avoid leaving residues that attract dirt, making your upholstery dirty quicker. Instead, we use our own water-based cleaning agent.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Frequent mopping using traditional cleaning products is not enough to eliminate ingrained grime that has been there for months and even years. Using our revolutionary cleaning process that includes Zr Water®, we safely but effectively remove the dirt and other impurities in your tile and grout, revealing squeaky clean tile flooring and your grout’s natural color. We also have a high-quality surface sealer, a vital product that protects and beautify your floors over time.

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Stone Cleaning

You must protect your business’s stone flooring, countertops, and other hard surfaces against harsh cleaning products to keep them looking their best over the years. With Zerorez® cleaning solution, you don’t have to deal with residue films that act as a dirt magnet, making your hard surfaces dirtier faster. Our Zr Clean™ effectively removes the built-up soil and residue from your former cleaners without strong substances, restoring the appearance of your countertops and floors.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floorings are more prone to wear and tear if not maintained properly. Our Zerorez® technology allows us to deliver an effective cleaning method that does not involve toxic chemicals and harsh soaps that damage your hardwood floors. With our efficient cleaning, sanding, and refinishing process, even the slightest scratches and marrings will disappear in no time. We also apply a long-lasting, quality sealer that will protect your hardwood floor over the years.

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Biological Odor Treatment

Commercial buildings often have shared spaces, such as break rooms, employee lounge, and guest lounge with chairs, sofas, and carpet flooring. Rely on our unique cleaning process and odor treatment that’s completely safe and effective for your building’s fabrics, furniture, and floor and these common areas.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining good indoor air quality in a commercial building should be a priority for business owners. Don’t let poor air quality affect your business with the help of our advanced and powerful cleaning system that eliminates the carbon filtration, dust, and grime that can trigger allergies, asthma, and other conditions. We use a special camera to see the situation of your ducts before cleaning them. With clean and healthier indoor air, you can have a comfortable environment while improving employee productivity.

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Stainless Steel Cleaning

Keep your stainless steel equipment in its best shape by cleaning it properly using a gentle and effective cleaning solution. Our Zr Process™ involves a nano-technology sealer that penetrates deeper into the surface, making it easier to clean and maintain while revealing its smooth, shiny surface.

What Sets Zerorez® North Central Florida Apart

Our dependable commercial cleaning services have helped countless business owners, for small and big corporations, keep their buildings and offices clean and safe with the unique cleaning method only found at Zerorez®.


Our unique Zr® cleaning process, which includes Zr Water® is guaranteed safe, gentle and a clean second to none.


We can work around your hours and show up when it’s convenient. Just make sure to mention it in your appointment request.


We provide estimates free of charge. Whether it’s for a wide-scale project or a simple cleaning job, we guarantee you the best price possible.

The Leading Commercial Cleaning Company in North Central, Florida

Zerorez® is the go-to commercial cleaning company in Alachua, Lafayette, Jefferson, Liberty, and the rest of Florida’s northern Gulf Coast area. Our full-service environmentally friendly cleaning company provides an innovative method that is redefining the traditional cleaning services in the United States. Experience The Zerorez Difference® by  scheduling a service today!

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