Stone Cleaning in North Central Florida

Natural stone, granite, marble, and hard surfaces are mostly cleaned using traditional cleaning agents, such as soap and detergents that leave an invisible residue film on your hard surfaces. So to prevent dirt buildup and surface discoloration, we use our Zerorez® process that involves our unique cleaning process designed to clean your countertops, tiles, and other surfaces  and prevent them from losing their natural color and shine. Clean your household with the help of our innovative Zr Process™ that will leave your hard surfaces beautiful over the years.

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The Zerorez® Solution for Your Stone

Natural stone surfaces, like slate, marble, travertine, and the like, are just some of the most popular natural stone materials used in countertops, floorings, and even walls. Most companies and homeowners usually use soaps and detergents to clean these surfaces, but we don’t.

Our Zr Process™ includes our Zr Water®, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that leaves No Residue®.  We also use our FX7 cleaning tool to clean even the deepest cracks and crevices. So don’t scrub with harsh chemicals that may do more harm than good — just trust Zerorez® to enjoy clean and protected stone surfaces in your home.

Clean and Seal Your Granite with Zerorez®

Natural stones, like granite and marble, are excellent choices for kitchen countertops because of their durability. However, granite is still a porous material that needs protection and proper maintenance, especially if you’ve had your granite countertop or flooring for years. Water and other liquids, even harmful microorganisms, can seep into the surface, causing them to stain and darken while making your granite surfaces unsafe for babies, kids, and the entire family.

At Zerorez® North Central Florida, our granite cleaning services also come with a unique, powerful sealant that protects your granite surface from liquid and other contaminants. With this, you get to enjoy shiny and easier-to-maintain surfaces that are healthy for your loved ones and the environment as well.

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countertop kitchen stone cleaning north central florida

Protecting Hard Surfaces Using the Revolutionary Zerorez® Technology

Our cleaning technicians utilize our nano-technology sealer to protect hard surfaces, including glass, natural stone, and other hard surfaces. Through our multi-surface protectant, you can have a cleaner, healthier, and safer home that makes cleaning much easier. Despite their toughness, your hard surfaces need care and protection every now and then, too.

Our stone cleaning services are performed by qualified technicians that have cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses in North Central Florida over the years. Get Zerorified® today and see the difference!

Say No to Residue with Our Stone Cleaning Services in North Central Florida

Zerorez® focuses on eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are far different from those available in the carpet cleaning industry. So let us leave your home with a more beautiful finish that no other cleaning product can provide while creating a healthier indoor environment for your loved ones and pets.

Why Use Zerorez® Zr Clean™ For Your Home

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