Tile and Grout Cleaning in North Central Florida

Mopping and wiping your tile and grout with commercial-grade cleaning products may be the cause of your dull and dirty-looking floor and wall surface. With the Zerorez® technology involving our Zr Clean™, we powerfully yet gently clean and restore the natural color of your tile and grout, whether it’s your kitchen, shower, or other tiled areas. Moreover, our tile and grout cleaning process include Zr Water® that leaves Zero Residue® on your tile surfaces, making it cleaner, longer.

We will keep your working environment in top shape.

Restore Your Tile & Grout with Zerorez®

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Tile and Grout Restoration with Zr Clean™

Wiping, mopping, and scrubbing your tile and grout to restore its new-like shine and color only spread the dirt you’ve collected around your tile surface, only removing those that stick on your cleaning tool. At Zerorez®, we use a unique cleaning device that effectively removes all your tile and grout impurities without leaving any residue or dirt. Let our experts restore the vibrance and shine your tiles once had.

Shower Cleaning with The Zr Process™

Shower rooms are always full of moisture and humidity, making them prone to mold, bacteria, germs, and other harmful microorganisms. The Zerorez® multi-process involves a combination of various cleaning agents, including our nano-tech sealer that makes your shower’s tile and glass surfaces easier to maintain and clean. So keep your shower area clean, dry, and looking new with Zerorez®.

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning and Shower Cleaning in North Central Florida

At Zerorez®, our unique cleaning process has helped many homes preserve and beautify their tiled floors and glass surfaces through our Zr® technology. Trust our green technology in protecting your home and the environment.

What Makes Zerorez® Different

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