Upholstery Cleaning in North Central Florida

Sofas, mattresses, and other upholstery are excellent hotbeds for foul odors, sickness, and allergies. Zerorez® can clean your upholstery and extend its life expectancy. Instead of using soaps and detergents for short fixes, we use our own revolutionary green cleaning agent to remove impurities and restore the appearance of your furniture gently.

Zerorez® North Central Florida offers professional upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and leather cleaning using our innovative cleaning process that’s far more effective than the conventional cleaning method. Allow our Zr Clean™ to show you the absolute clean you deserve.

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Clean Upholstery Like It’s Brand New

At Zerorez® North Central FL, even the most difficult-to-clean fabric-covered furniture and surfaces are not impossible to look new again with our patented technology. Our unique cleaning process uses a low-pressure spray that loosens deep-seated dirt and other particles, thoroughly cleaning your upholstery safely. We can effectively clean your curtains, sofas, vehicle interior, and more through our unique cleaning process.

Our cleaning technicians utilize the highest-rated cleaning method and the most advanced tools, including our patented wand  to deliver the best upholstery cleaning services in North Central Florida.

Mattress Cleaning with Zr Clean™

Cleaning your bedsheets now and then is not enough to keep harmful pathogens out of your good night’s sleep. A filthy mattress also affects your indoor air quality due to biological contaminants, such as dead skin and sweat, that may affect your sleep and trigger allergic reactions. Trust the Zerorez® cleaning technology in providing long-term protection for your loved ones while enjoying an entirely clean bed beyond your sheets. After cleaning, we apply a special protectant that contains no harmful chemicals to keep your mattress safe from contaminants until your next cleaning session.
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Professional Leather Cleaning Like No Other

Even though leather has a longer lifespan than other fabrics, it is still prone to wear and tear if not appropriately maintained. Over time, sweat, dust, sunlight, poor maintenance, and more can cause fading and cracks. The Zr Process™ does not involve detergents and harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your furniture, making us the safest, most effective leather cleaning experts in North Central Florida. At Zerorez®, your leather furniture will be professionally cleaned by certified technicians to protect and revitalize its natural and beautiful shine. This way, you’ll enjoy long-life leather furniture that can be passed on from one generation to another.

The Leading Upholstery Cleaning Services in North Central Florida

We are committed to delivering eco-friendly upholstery cleaning services by utilizing our patented cleaning technology that’s non-toxic and gentle to your fabric-covered furniture. No matter the spills and stains, Zerorez® North Central Florida guarantees restored upholstered furniture like nowhere else.

Why Choose Zerorez® North Central FL

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