The Zerorez Difference®

The only way to feel the difference is to experience the difference for yourself. Zerorez® makes homes and businesses healthier and more comfortable with our revolutionary cleaning process. We have the best cleaning solution for your every need for the surfaces that matter most.

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A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Traditional carpet cleaners often use harsh chemicals and soaps which leave behind residue and attracting dirt—the opposite of what one would want after a cleaning.

Our revolutionary cleaning process includes Zr Water®—an all-natural, high alkaline cleaning agent. Its scientifically altered molecular structure breaks down dirt, grease, and odor-producing substances, keeping your carpets softer, safer, and clean longer.

A Clean You Can Trust for Surfaces That Matter Most

Zerorez® North Central Florida has the solution for your dirtiest surfaces. Germs, air pollutants, and other harmful microscopic particles love to hang out on different surfaces with dust, grease, and other nasties. We offer the best clean possible! At Zerorez®, we can clean soft and hard surfaces with ease. Your indoor environment is left cleaner, safer, and healthier for everyone with Zero Residue®!
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Experts in the Science of Clean

The Zerorez® cleaning technology includes Zr Water®, a soft, scientifically altered water to eliminate unpleasant odors, spills, stains, and other impurities without using soaps and detergents. It replaces the need for harmful chemicals that leave residue on your carpet fibers and other surfaces.

With Zero Residue®, your carpets, rugs, and other surfaces will dry faster and stay cleaner for longer. With our Zr Process™, you can enjoy the latest in cleaning technology.

A Clean Slate for Your Best Living

There’s something about a clean home that puts a mind at ease. Zerorez® helps homeowners set the stage for for a confident clean. Our highly-trained technicians coordinate with homeowners to inspect, plan, and clean home surfaces to meet the Zerorez® standards.

A Zerorez® clean provides a clean environment for your loved ones. At Zerorez®, you are guaranteed to have the clean you can trust that’s backed by science and advanced technology.
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The Zerorez® Cleaning Process

Traditional carpet cleaners use an old cleaning method that involves harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents, and shampoos, which leave residue on your surfaces and act as a dirt magnet. At Zerorez®, our cleaning process has three distinguishing features that provide you with a thorough clean and fast dry times.

Zr Lifter®

Zr Lifter® is equipped with counter-rotating brushes to lift stuck hair, pet dander, dirt, and other particles from your carpet most vacuums could not remove. This equipment is gentle enough for your carpet fibers and paddings.


Zr Wand®

Zr Wand™ is our patented wand that uses a 180° loop spray to rinse your carpet fibers without leaving any dirt behind. Without flooding your carpets, our patented tool eliminates all impurities, including residues from your previous cleaner.


Zr Water®

Zr Water® is our revolutionary, non-toxic cleaning fluid that’s electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful chemicals, soaps, and detergents. This cleaning agent is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

The Zerorez® 30-Day Gotta Love It Guarantee™

Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we want to ensure you’ll have an exceptional experience with Zerorez® through our Gotta Love It Guarantee™ you’ll surely love.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces, such as tile, glass, granite, marble, and the like, are excellent breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions, infectious diseases, and unpleasant odors.

Our revolutionary GREEN technology can clean your countertops, glass surfaces, and other hard floor and keeping them look their best. Most traditional cleaners use detergents and soaps to remove the impurities that leave an invisible residue film on these surfaces, making them lose their natural luster while attracting more dirt and debris quicker.

With Zerorez®, you don’t have to worry about these residues and harmful pathogens on your hard surfaces because we have the best cleaning solution for you.

Soft Surfaces

The usual cleaning method for soft surfaces, such as carpets, rugs, and upholstery, utilizes steam cleaning, which uses soaps and hot water. When this mixture is sprayed onto the soft surfaces, the extraction tool will likely remove most liquified soap, dirt, and water, but a significant amount is left behind. As the surface dries out, the residue will act as a dirt magnet, allowing it to get dirtier in a shorter time.

At Zerorez®, our cleaning process does not involve toxic chemicals, shampoos, or detergents. Instead, our cleaning process includes Zr Water®, which provides Zero Residue® on your carpets, specialty rugs, and other soft surfaces. We also utilize our low-pressure spray to lift deep-seated dirt and other toxic substances.

Trust the Zr Process™ for your soft surface cleaning needs, and you will see The Zerorez Difference®.

CUSTOMER reviews

What North Central Florida is Saying About Zerorez®

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CRI seal of approval

It’s always a great experience with Zerorez. Even the lady whom I spoke to on the phone was lovely. Scheduling was quick and easy, and she was very helpful. The technician has always been so amazing. I couldn’t ask for more!

Anne M.

Everyone was super professional and friendly. They did an excellent work on my carpet and they were fast! This was my first time with Zerorez and I’m just very impressed with their carpet cleaning service.

John C.

At first, I was hesitant to book online but it was quick and easy. Zerorez contacted me a few days before my appointment to confirm and the technician showed up on time. I highly recommend Zerorez for your carpets and upholstery!

Gabbie H.